Eno's "Generative Music 1" (1996)

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Eno's "Generative Music 1" (1996)
with SSEYO Koan software

Brian Eno's "Generative Music 1" was a landmark release in 1996. Brian Eno is undoubtedly a genius and polymath who, well before 1996, had already carved out a well deserved place in the history books across multiple fields of endeavour. So, we were very lucky and honoured indeed to have Eno use SSEYO Koan: what he did with it was incredible and it was a huge privilege to have spent some time with him. We will never forget that, his kindness or his achievements; it was a great coming together and we were in the right place at the right time.

Generative Music 1 was a floppy disk-only title published in 1996. The Koan pieces in it were created by Eno using SSEYO Koan Pro. A specific soundcard was required to hear the music as Eno intended - without that soundcard the music sounded very different.

You can, however, hear a few snippets in "Dark Symphony" which features works from the huge Koan generative music software retrospective entitled “Floating Points im de KlangPark”, that was a 48 hour, 250,000-watt, public acoustic ambience exhibit presented at Ars Electronica’s 2003 “CODE – the Language of Our Time”. See: Dark Symphony (YouTube), Dark Symphony (Vimeo; with links to 5:1 AAC source files).

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